Calligraphy Artist Kota

Birth place : Shimane prefecture in Japan

Favorite Motto:You’ll change, if you act


In 2010, when I was depressed, I realized it’s just thankful to spend ordinary days.

I have started writing message with my first inspiration to the people on the street since then.

Because I would like to send my thankful and happiness to other people like I felt.


I have sat down on the street and wrote and sent message to more than 10000 people in Japan, France and Taiwan.

Because of my love for Shimane, I have created using materials and themes related to Shimane and have collaborated with pottery and indigo-dyeing.


Also showing powerful performance in various places including National Treasure Matsue Castle and the stage of professional sports.

I act with my love for Shimane and treasure connection with all people who have I met.

I would like to make someone’s chance!




●writing with inspiration

●calligraphy performance

●making stamp book of Matsue Castle 

●personal exhibition

●lecture meeting

●calligraphy classroom

●design logo, business card, signboard

●making artwork for present


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